Thorvaldur Stefansson was born in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1955. Being raised in the country, he became used to all kinds of hard physical labor. During his College years (1972-1974) he became interested in photography and took a course in photography and darkroom techniques. He dabbled in Olympic Weightlifting, being National Champion of Iceland several times. His records in the Veteran age Category still stand. Several years were spent at sea as a deckhand on various fishing vessels in the North Atlantic. The course was set to become a ship´s Captain but was averted at the last minute, when he realised this was not the life he wanted. Became a specialist in ship´s rigging, wire and rope splicing. Was a Radio Operator at Ship-to-Shore Coastal stations followed by a career as a Field Service Communications Officer in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations. He left the UN after 12 years of serving in various war zones around the world - South Lebanon, Former Yugoslavia, Abkhazia and East Timor and returned to Iceland where he purchased a large farm property in the West Fjords of Iceland to plant a forest and build the greatest Amateur Radio station the world has seen. He is known in Amateur Radio as TF4M and his antenna farm has 9 huge Rhombic Arrays and nearly 30km of wires overhead.  It was at this time that he renewed his interest in photography. His interest is seascape and landscape photography, mainly Black&White and mostly showing his immediate area of the West Fjords which he feels is of incomparable beauty. He prefers his photographs devoid of people and processes his images to create a certain look in accordance with his vision and to create the mood he wants to convey. His life experiences carry over in his photography in the dark, cold, sometimes gloomy Arctic. 


SOLO EXHIBITIONS or displayed art:

Photographs displayed in the Office of the Commissioner of West Fjords, Iceland.

Three images displayed in the National Hospital of Iceland (Landspítali, Göngudeild hjartabilunar).


 2015 STARK Awards Gallery of 2014 winners and Honorable Mentions, Vancouver, BC 


2017 Tokyo Foto Awards.  Honorable Mention for the image: The North Shore.

2017 ND Awards Photo Contest Honorable Mention Fine Art Category for the image: The North Shore. 

2015 PX3, Prix de la Photographie, Paris, France, 3 times Honorable Mention Fine Art Landscape and Abstract categories. 

2015 International Photography Awards (USA) 5 times Honorable Mention in Nature:Landscapes, Fine Art:Landscape and Fine Art:Abstract Categories. 

2014 Monochrome Awards Honorable Mention Fine Art Category. 

2014 STARK Awards Honorable Mention Fine Art:Abstract/Surreal Category. 


 2016. Image selected and published on Terra-Quantum´s web site. (March 2016) 

 2014- Images regularly selected for the web site 2014. 

Stark-Magazine 2014 Awards special issue. 


 2016. KOYO 2016 - Japan virtual workshop w/Michael Levin. 

2015. Long Exposure Post Production Online Course w/Marc Koegel. 

2015. Long Exposure Online Course w/Marc Koegel. 

2014. Long Exposure Photography in Iceland - With Marc Koegel. 

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